Fire extinguishing systems

Fire extinguishing systems, we can design and supply and connect it and maintenance.

  • Sprinklers, fire water systems (Sprinkler System) for the protection of warehouses, offices, factories, hospitals. 
  • Systems, water immersion (Deluge system) attempts to protect and power plants. 
  • Clean gas extinguishing systems (Fm200) for the protection of the sinking of your computer and sensitive areas. 
  • Gas extinguishing systems (CO2) to protect power plants, electrical distribution. 
  • Dry powder extinguishing systems to protect the factories, stores, chemicals. 
  • Chemical foam extinguishing systems to protect oil installations, airports, stores chemicals. 
  • Fire hoses systems for public protection of the buildings. 
  • Ahaltron extinguishers (halon extinguishers alternative) friendly to the environment. 
  • Alhaidrnt systems to external networks. 
  • Fixed fire extinguishing methods is a third-party compression cylinder has an active ingredient of a special chemical powder. 
  • Fire-fighting system of dumping the full statement of the Group of foam generation high proliferation (Super VECHOG).

Latest Projects

  • Factory Juffali in Alkhabar.
  • Air Defence in Jeddah (live ammunition depots).
  • Eye Hospital, Jeddah.
  • Future Hospital in Jeddah.
  • Basamh commercial companies in Jeddah.


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